4 Burner Removable Type Cooker, Stainless Steel with FFD - Made in TURKEY

Catagory: Gas Hobs



Safety performance: Electronic Ignition, with standard 110-volt plug Flame Failure safety Device (FFD), Ensuring the gas will shut off automatically if a flame is not detected, helping to avoid the risk of gas leakage. Durable melt-proof metal knobs and heavy-duty enamelled burner cover & top grid are easy to clean and maintenance.

60 cm Table Top Cooker
4 Gas Burners
Knob Integrated Electronic Ignition
Enameled Burner Cover & Top Grid
Side Knob Control
LPG Adjusted Kits
With Flame Failure Device (FFD)
Stainless Steel Cooktop
LPG Adjusted Kits
Corrosion Resistance and Easy To Clean
Product Dimension: 598x498x110mm
Barcode: 4990576610115
Made In Turkey
Durable Melt-Proof Metal Knobs
Easy Installation & Easy To Operate
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