Elekta Slow Juicer

Catagory: Juicer

SKU: EJS-850


Elekta Slow Juicer - EJS-850 Slow Squeezing Technology gently squeezes ingredients, preserving natural taste & nutrients lost by high-speed juicers that grind and crush. Slow Squeezing Technology also retains heat-sensitive nutrients such as Vitamins A and C, and live enzymes. Powerful quality 150W AC Motor with low speed extracts juice with high-quality and efficiency; it means less foaming and healthy fresh juice production with no extra wastage. The silent operation provides you with a safe and quiet environment when making juice.

Extracts More Juice and Less Oxidation
Slow Squeezing Technology
Higher Nutrition Value
High Power DC Motor
65 RPM
Micro Mesh Filter
With Safety Switch
Reverse Option
On/Off Switch
2 Cups to Collect Juice & Dregs
220-240V, 50/60Hz, 150W
 Accessories: Pulp Pitcher, Juicer Pitcher, Cleaning Brush
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