Elekta 13.5KG Twin Tub Semi Automatic Washing Machine with Transparent Grey Cover

Catagory: Washing Machines

SKU: EWM-1440


High Energy Efficiency, wash/spin capacity: 13.5/7.5kg, Demountable corner, Removable wheel, Water plectrum, Caster wheels under bottom feet, Split cover, Max Water-Level 105L, Wash output power 220W, Gross/Net weight(Kg) 38/34, Durable Plastic Body, Advance Soakmatic, Rust Free

Motor Induction motor with single-phase source
Max water-level 105L
Wash output power  220W
Wash power 500W
Spin output power  60W
Spin power 210W
Spin speed  1250 rpm
Wash  ≤62dB
Spin ≤72dB
Time 15 Min
Grade of waterproof  IPX4
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