Elekta 9Kg Twin tub Washing Machine with Top Floral Glass Lid

Catagory: Washing Machines



Wash/Spin Capacity(kg): 9.0/6.5

Certification: CB/CE

Loading Capacity(40HC): 157

Washing Power(Input/Output): 450W/150W

Spinning Power(Input/Output): 150W/60W

Power Supply: 220-240V/50Hz

Layer of Cabinet: Double Layer

Gw/Nw(kg): 28/24

Machine Size(mm)(WxDxH): 835x460x1020

Package Size(mm)(WxDxH): 865x485x1070

Wash Level(H/M/L)(L): 80/65/50

Washing Tub D (WxDxH)(mm): 430x425x520

Spinning Tub D(DxH)(mm)           265x390

Pulsator D(mm)                340

Warer Inlet No. 2

Knob No.             4

Washing Time(Min)        15

Spinning Time(Min)        5

EF BARCODE       6091310610373

POS BARCODE   4990576607672

1.Super Toughened Glass                                                                             

2.Color Ink with Window                                                           

3.Build-in Handle                                                                                     

4.Gentle Konbs                                                                                           

5.Lint Filter                                                                                     

6.Hand Wash                                                                                                   

7.Tangle Free Pulsator

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