Rechargeable 2 Lanterns Combo Pack with 24 SMD LED Lights

Catagory: Lanterns



Combo Pack which has 2 Lanterns rechargeable with 24 SMD LED lights It takes up to 12 hours to charge this lantern fully. When fully charged, this lantern will work for up to 18 hours Super bright light & 24hrs Normal Light.

Voltage 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Watts 5W
Color Dark Red
Battery  6V/5AH Rechargeable Acid Storage Battery
6V/5AH Rechargeable Acid Storage Battery  
Lighting Source: 5W PLG, 24pcs LED 
Lifetime: 100000 Hours
Luminous Flux: Super Bright 500  Lumens
Bright 250 Lumens  
Current:  750MA        
Voltage: 6V 
Charging Time: 12 Hrs
Charging: AC-DC Adaptor (Built-in) 
Red LED: Charge Indicator
Green LED: Full Charge
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