Spilt AC 18001 BTU Cooling only with T3 climate, Rotary Compressor

Catagory: Split Air Conditioners

SKU: ESAC-18001C


Elekta Spilt AC 18001 BTU Cooling Only With T3 climate, Rotary Compressor With Fan Speed Of 1250 And Air Float Of 800 m3/h. Split AC Is Less Noisy And Does Not Require To Be Installed In A Window. A Split AC Looks More Aesthetic And Can Blend Well With The Decor Of The Room.

Voltage 220-240V/50Hz
Watts (Cooling) 2390W
Compressor Rotary
Indoor Unit Fan motor No: YDK-23-4 A6   
Power Input: 47W      
Fan Speed:  1250/1150/950 R/h 
Fan Size (Dia*Lenth)  : φ98×707mm  
Air Float: 800M3/h     
Product Size:  900x292x215mm
Packing Size:  983×377×300mm                                        
Weight (N/G):  13/15kg
Outdoor Unit Fan motor No: YDK-40-6A F1 
Power Input: 110W       
Fan Speed:  870   
Fan Size (Dia*Lenth)  : Φ415mm  
Product Size:  850x295x605mm           
Packing Size:  995×415×690mm  
Weight (N/G):  40/45kg
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