20L Medium Slim Portable Air Cooler

Catagory: Portable Air Coolers



Portable Air Cooler perfect for your bedroom, living room, den or office. Featuring Two different fan speeds, three cooling modes. Designed with HoneyComb Pad , made upd of antifungus enviromental friendly cellulose based paper. The construction of the same is such that, it gives maximum contact surface with air & water. which ensures efficient evapouration of water & gives better cooling effect.

Voltage AC 220-240V,50/60Hz
Watts 130W
Capacity 20Liters
Speed 2 Speed Control
Air Deflection: 4 way 
20Sq.Meter Cooling Area
water level Indicator 
Cooling Media - Honey comb Pad
Horizontal louvers & Motoized vertical louvers
Inverter Compatiable
large Tank capacity
Air Delivery (m3/Hr) 1,160  
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