Window AC T3, Reciprocating Compressor, cooling only

Catagory: Window AC



Window AC T3, Reciprocating (piston) Compressor, cooling only with 18000 BTU cooling capacity to cool the room immediatley

Compressor Model No.   AW5522EK-K
Type (Rotary/Piston/scroll)   Reciprocating
Brand   KGE 656-4
Capacity W 19336
Power input  W 1895
Condenser Rows×Tubes xCircuits mm 8.7
Tube pitch× row pitch×Fin spacing     mm 21x13.37
Fin type    UnHydrophilic aluminium
Tube outside dia.and type mm  
Coil length × height × width mm 390x378x53.48
Indoor Unit Fan motor No.    
Power input  W  
Fan Speed R/h  
Fan Size (Dia*Lenth) mm  
Air Float M3/h  
Product Size mm 660x680x428
Packing Size mm 746x815x515
Weight (N/G) KG 60.5/65
LOAD CAPACITY  20FT/40FT/ 40HQ    220 pcs
Power Supply   220-240V~ 50Hz, 1Ph
Cooling Cooling capacity  Btu 18000
Cooling power input W 2050
Cooling current input  A 9.0
EER  W/W 2.60
Heating Heating capacity W  
Heating power input W  
Heating current input  A  
COP  W/W  
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