Elekta 20L Manual Microwave Oven

Catagory: Microwave Oven

SKU: EMO-220


20L Capacity of the Microwave can Cook, Defrost, Steam, Reheat Variety of foods. With Manual Control 5 Power Levels allows you to cook quickly. Turntable Glass 255mm Glass Tray cooks meals evenly and easy clean.

Voltage  230-240,50Hz
Watts Input Power: 1100-1150W
Output Power: 700W
Color Silver
Capacity 20 Liter
Timer 0-35' timer
Speed 5 Levels
Grill No
Manual Control
Glass turntable diameter: 255mm  
Painted Cavity
Pull Handle
Defrost Function by Weight or Time  
Cooking End Signal

Turnable Glass

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